PhD, New York University, 2018

MA, Case western reserve university, 2010

ba, ohio wesleyan university, 2004



"arévalo's tomorrowland: the revolutionary crusade to build and defend the new Guatemala on the petén frontier"

in revisiting the Guatemalan revolution, ed. Julie Gibbings and Heather Vrana (forthcoming)

"Conservation and counterinsurgency in Cold war Guatemala"

in Environmental policy and politics under authoritarian regimes: myth and reality, ed. Stephen brain and viktor Pál (routledge, 2018)


Recent Presentations

"erasing the forest in order to save it (and us): myths and fables of the maya collapse"

association for the study of literature and the environment, wayne state university, detroit, june 20-24, 2017

"revolutionary reconquest"

revisiting the revolution workshop, university of manitoba, winnipeg, may 18-19, 2017

"conservation and the cold war in northern guatemala"

authoritarian environmentalism or green dictatorships? workshop, university of helsinki, helsinki, april 27-28, 2017

"firebrands versus the forest: anticommunist conservation in guatemala"

New York metropolitan society for environmental history, columbia university, new york, february 22, 2017

"agrarian radicalism and anticommunist conservation in guatemala"

environmental history interest group workshop, university of michigan, ann arbor, january 26, 2017

"trees, beans, and bullets: forestry, development, and counterinsurgency in northern guatemala, 1960-70"

latin american studies association, san juan, puerto rico, may 27-30, 2015