Before enrolling in graduate school, I was a carpenter in Ohio and California. On those jobsites I confronted the irreconcilable contradictions of green capitalism, which all too often relied on externalizing the costs of consumption onto people and places invisible to the consumer.

In 2008, as work in the trades became increasingly scarce, I decided to pursue my questions about the green economy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where I received an MA in environmental history.  In 2011, I moved to New York to begin a doctoral program in Latin American and environmental history at new york university.  I am now back in the Great Lakes region that I love, finishing my dissertation.  this fall, i will begin a one year postdoctoral fellowship in the program in agrarian studies at yale university.

In the full knowledge of the contradictions we ourselves face, but with optimistic hearts, my family and I persist in making our home as sustainable as we can in Ypsilanti, Michigan.